Do you need some horror film inspiration? Want to push your movie watching boundaries this October? Have you seen every film ever made and now swear “THERE IS NOTHING LEFT!!!!?”

If the answer to any of the above is “Yes! Goddammit! Yes!”, then I implore you to take the Shocktober Checklist Challenge!

Can you watch 31 films this year that fit every one of the categories below? It will be difficult, it may even be impossible, but if you do it, you’ll be bathed in heavenly light and be considered one of the smartest and most talented people until the sun rises on November 1st.

If you need help, encouragement or suggestions, ask away at the official The Important Cinema Club Facebook Group.


Film that features War Zombies:

Film from Canada made between 2001-2005

Film that features Michael Rooker:

Film from Indonesia:

Film produced by Fred Olen Ray:

Film with Treat in the title:

Film that features a Gorilla:

Film from Bollywood:

Film that features a Luchador Fighting Some Monsters:

Film with Trick in the title:

Film that features a Killer Puppet (That’s not Chucky or Puppet Master):

Silent Horror Film made after the invention of sound:

Film with Gay Themes:

Film that features a Hopping Vampire:

Film that features Michelle Bauer:

Black and White Film Re-Cut and Re-Released in America: 

Film that features a Sorority Prank Gone Wrong:

Film in the ‘Krimi’ genre:

Film made for under $10,000:

Film that’s a sequel to Dracula:

Film written by Dan Curtis:

Film from Belgium:

Slasher Film directed by a Woman: 

Film with All Black Cast. No white people. Not one!:

Film Made by Teenagers:

Found Footage Film That Features No Ghosts:

Film featuring Bigfoot:

Film based on the work of Edogawa Ranpo: 

Film directed by Eric Stanze:

Film starring Paul Naschy:

A Foreign Remake of a Hollywood Film:

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