On December 16 at The Royal Cinema the LASER BLAST FILM SOCIETY will be screening the great Christmas shocker GAME OVER (1989) on the big screen – a precursor to Home Alone about a young boy that is forced to defend his mansion from a psychotic killer Santa Claus.

In honor of the season, FILM TRAP will be handing out copies of a new pocket zine entitled THE CHRISTMAS CINEMA – a list of Christmas movies to fill your eye holes when you’ve already watched all the classics. The zine includes entries about a Yuletide Flavored Alien Tale from Japan, a New Zealand Holiday Monster Party and a German Killer Christmas Samurai ghost.


Make sure to arrive early to the cinema on DECEMBER 16 because we’ll only have a limited supply of THE CHRISTMAS CINEMA to hand out and LASER BLAST will also be screening a fun Christmas short from one of the weirdest anthology films out there.

Visit the Facebook page RIGHT HERE FOR INFORMATION. 

Miss it and you may just get coal in your stockings.

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